Many people run their own business now, some as a side thing, some as their primary job.  With all the clothing lines, makeup lines, candles, etc., I see so many people who are at sidewalk sales or fairs or even just running something out of their home.  Food trucks are also all the rage now and of course I have always seen those ice cream trucks from the time I was a little girl.

When you are running your own little business you want to be sure that you can stay organized and have your business run as smoothly as possible.   There are many ways to do this, but I find that having many different programs on my computer is a pain quite frankly and I do not like having to have my computer do everything because I do use it for other things, as do other people.

Clover POS takes care of all my business needs in one little station. In fact, the Clover Station lets you track  inventory (which is great for the clothing), make payments, run reports and even print.  If you need something a bit smaller the Clover Mini is something you might want to look into, and then Clover Mobile allows for payments, even the credit cards with those chips in them now or Apple Pay! You could not ask for an easier system to run your business and accept payments – the Clover Mobile is ideal for those food trucks as mentioned or if you are running a table at a fair or sidewalk sale.  No problem, you do not have to take cash only.  I know that I don't carry a lot of cash on me and there have been plenty of times when I would have bought something had they accepted credit cards/debit cards because while I was not planning on buying something caught my eye but I just didn't have the cash.  If I am like that, I am sure that my customers are like that too so I try to afford them the same service I would want.

The Revel POS system is tablet based so if you have an Apple iPad, then this is perfect because that is where it operates and the hardware includes a cash drawer, card swipe, and receipt printer.

Whether you have a restaurant and want a Clover Cash Register or you want something more compact for smaller spaces or even something you can take with you anywhere with the mobile aspect whether on your tablet or alone, check out all  the options and you will be amazed at how more efficiently and easily your business is run with everything all neat and in one place and not on your shared computer that you have to keep restarting and waiting to boot up (which quite frankly was the biggest pain to me).

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