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My son loves the medieval era and army men. There is a company Safari LTd and they make it all. Their products are nicely colored made of rubbery plastic which makes them durable. The 3 I have received are the thunder dragon drake set. This is his dragon and rider named drake. The dragon is orange with great detail, and the ride looks good too. This set is for any child or collector. Especially, if they love how to drain your dragon.

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The second one is the cloud dragon again beautiful colors and details. It has horns on its head, red eyes, claws on front feet and a curved tail great for a child to use for holding a character as prey or princess hostage. Third is the hydra a must have come from the sea. It is wild looking with lots of characteristics. It should with five heads. Great molded body and legs. The perfect dragon to have to slay when playing is 5 times harder to defeat.

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Safari LTD makes many other wonderful molded products too far for all ages and collectors. For more information click here.

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