Safe Night Driving Tips From Bossier



Living in the South and driving at night can be bad, there are no street lights and most of these roads have ditches. You have to be extremely alert, and watch everything.  Someone can cut you off and you can easily end up in one of the ditches. What if your tired and happen to fall asleep at the wheel, you are putting not only yourself but others in danger.  Either pull over at a rest stop and get some sleep or stop over night and rest. 


If you are driving a long distance, particularly at night, then it is not a surprise that you want to doze off. This can be an extremely dangerous situation of course. According toresearches, large percentage of road accidents take place between midnight to 6am, probably because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Apart from stopping the car, parking it aside and taking a short nap, here are some ways which can help you avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Grab an energy drink, and keep those taste buds alive. Doing this will keep you alert so that you can continue driving for some more time. Munching on an apple, lemon or orange can be a great idea to keep your taste buds alive. The tangier the item is, the better it is to keep you awake. Remember that eating while driving can be dangerous too. So, either stop the car and eat, or grab something that you can quickly pop into your mouth.

Set temperature in your car a little cooler than you like, and set the vents blowing over your face. Wiping your neck and face with a wet cloth can be very refreshing. Pull down a window and let the cold, strong wind blow over your face. This can be a great way to keep you alert, but the cold air should not dry your eyes out, so that you can't see.

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