Having been giving the oppurtunity to do a review for Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show I found it really good for our 3 year old nephew Miquel he needs to learn and this would be helpful to him. All parents woory about their kids I know my parent did even when we were married. Especially of their children being put into unsafe situations and of course every parents worse nightmare of theur children running away. I know my mom did.

Some kids need that much needed extra information or they need to see it to understand it better, and relate to it more. The safety show is the best video for any parent and teacher touse to teach children what they should do and shouldnt do. How manytimes did we hear dont cross the street without looking , dont talk to strangers. I heard that so much growing up , this video does that and so much more. The video shows them that no one should touch u in these areas. This is what alot of children are so afraid or unconfortable with sharing this with their parents. This shows the children that they should tell their parents or a adult that someone did something bad to them.
The hst of the video is very friendly. Ruby invites children on a fun filled and adventure journey, With songs , crafts, and segments. A gentle and non fearful approach. Ruby instructs kids to the following safety tools.
Check First
Trust your Uh Oh feelings
Get smart or get lost
Be the boss of your body



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The Safety Show is coming to a town near you! Check out the free live showings and kids activity events here.
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