The first time I ever saw salt lamps I did not even know that is what I was looking at. All I saw was a burning rock. That is the best way I could describe it.  A soft glow from something that looked like a piece of a cavern that someone had been chipping away at.


As I started seeing them more and more and even saw a few salt spas around, I became more intrigued.  I started looking up the health benefits of salt lamps and found that they are thought to purify the air and may remove impurities from the air.  They might help with chronic fatigue and stress. Another huge plus is that they are thought to neutralize electromagnetic radiation and with all the cell phones, computers, and the electronics we have now that would be a nice way to stop worrying about all those studies telling us what that can do to us.  I decided that I needed one.  Even if it did not do all that it was believed to, just the peaceful glow of the lamp was soothing and calming, and a nice welcome after a long, busy day.

I decided that I wanted to go with the Dark Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps because while there are white salt lamps and ones that emit an orangey glow, I just loved the color that the dark pink one gave off, a nice subtle warm glow.  It really did not even matter where I put it because it really goes with any décor and I did not need to worry about it clashing or being too bright and disturbing.  The soft glow is just perfect and subtle enough so people notice it but not something hideous sticking out like a sore thumb so to speak.

I love the salt lamps and even in the dark of night if I happen to be going to the kitchen for water it is just calm and peaceful to see in the dark, so pretty.  Also in my bedroom it is not one of those harsh lights that they say is bad for you when you are trying to sleep so it is the perfect accompaniment to my bedroom where I am supposed to be able to get good sleep and relax.

You can learn all about salt lamps and read about their possible benefits here.

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