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I have back aches when I use poorly designed shoes and suffer the aches of plantar fasciitis on soles of shoes that are hard and do not provide any cushion when I walk. I also go through various shoes, spending unnecessary amount of money trying shoes that only temporarily provide me relief. What I want, are shoes that are designed with a person in mind that desires comfort and style at the same time. I also want shoes that will last and are at a decent price range. SAS shoes can help with that!

Footwear That Matters

Finding San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) for footwear was a breath of fresh air, because their shoes truly are comfortable, stylish, durable, and won't break the bank. Their shoes are made in the United States, and they have 40 years of experience. They understand that we all have unique feet and various ailments. Some of us require special orthotics and ankle braces. With that in mind SAS made sure to encompass various men's and women's foot sizes, including widths, taking into account toe box and heel depths as well.

Ballet Flats

SAS shoes for women come in an array of styles, be it active, casual, dressy, and slip resistant. There should be something they have that will fit your needs. I proudly own the Scenic Black Lace shoe. This flat, is a very stylish ballet flat that feels like your walking on pillows. It features genuine leather uppers. It has a removable footbed that is easy to wash as well. There are flex strips that allow for added flexibility under the forepart of the shoe and a shock-absorbing sole for all day comfort.

What I really love is that I can virtually wear this shoe as a dressy look or a casual look. It helps me stand longer periods of time without feeling the pain of my plantar fasciitis. Craftsmanship of the shoe is very detailed! Effort is definitely shown so that its evident care went into designing this lovely shoe. I absolutely love the lace look on the outskirts of this shoe. Truly a special touch.

The men's SAS shoes equal in parallel to that of the well designed women's shoes. Offering an array of casual or dressy as well. SAS also offers free shipping in the United States.

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