San Francisco Salt Company


San Francisco Salt Company

WHiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt is amazing to cook with. I love the extra flavor that it adds to my meals. It takes even the most dull meal and livens it up. Aged teeling whiskey oak kegs are smoked within hours of being emptied. Using this process helps to ensure that they retain their rich whiskey and oak aroma. Which is then subtlety infused into oriel irish mineral sea salt. Which is renowned for being rich in trace minerals and having a powerful taste that allows us to use less but providing the same great taste. It is extremely fine grains, so you only have to add a pinch or two. Which adds a powerful and smoky flavor.

San Francisco Salt Company

I love the resealable pouch that it comes in. You can pull the bottom apart and it stands up on your counter while cooking. But when you are finish you can flatten it back out and store flat. Which makes it great to travel. We love to campout and grill out. When folded flat it is easy to stick in a bag. All the time keeping it close to keep your food tasting amazing.

San Francisco Salt Company Other Options

Ultimate Salt Blend
Gourmet Salt Trio
Pacific Sea Salt
Pure & Natural
Flor De Sal
Guatemalan Sea Salt
Black Truffle Sea Salt
Fennel Saffron Sea Salt
French Grey Sea Salt
Kosher Chef Salt
Lemon Rosemary Salt
Mediterranean Sea Salt
Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt
Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt
Smoked Applewood Sea Salt

Now to tell you a little bit about San Francisco Salt Company. They take their time to carefully select the best salts from all of their supplier from around the world. They know that salt is a necessity for our health and well being. Only using a pinch or two gives you the flavor you need. While giving you the vital nutrients that are very essential to our well being.

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