San Juan Island Bath Salts

San Juan Island and sea salt has some of the purest and richest flavors of salt. They evaporate seawater in greenhouses so that the salts are more pure of ocean flavor than store bought salts. Their salts have other minerals and more moisture. The quality is definitely different from what I am used to and I really enjoy their type of salts way better. Sea Salt is so amazing because they are chunky crystals that can be flavored for delicious food seasonings or made into a spa treatment fun for home use.

Soothing Scents

It’s so great to come upon San Juan Island Sea Salt, because they have a bath set that offers the most inspiring and soothing scents. Scents such as Douglas fir, cedar, lavender, and rose. The set is about six ounces in each jar. Since you get four different jars in the set, it makes the perfect sample gift. The bath salts are so refreshing to bathe in. Pair them with lovely music and candles, and it’s spa heaven. I am so thrilled that San Juan captures the mineral richness of the sea. Other key ingredients is pure Epsom salt and organic essential oils. The online store allows you to purchase each jar separately but its better to buy as a set, because you are saving $8 doing it this way.

Rich Quality

The family who operates the San Juan Island Sea Salt business have grown up there. They understand how to harvest energy from the sun without wasting water and causing more pollution. Because they use such an effective method, makes me more apt to use San Juan salt versus competitors. Sometimes the salts clump together in the jar, so just shake them around first in the jar before pouring them out so they separate. Other than that, I felt really calm, and healthier after using the bath salts. 

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