“One Christmas Eve it was a cold stormy night; and nothing at the north pole was going quite right…” Santa's (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!)Night Before Christmas is a whimsical tale of Santa's journey through a Christmas Eve that doesn't go as he expects. One small event leads to a series of surprises that change Santa and Christmas as we know it. It's a story to spark the imagination, make kids giggle, and bring a smile even to a grownup's face.

“Santa's (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right) Night Before Christmas” is a funny Christmas story with a new twist: everything is just a little bit off on this particular (dark, stormy) Christmas Eve for Santa. To begin with, Santa had to do his own laundry because Mrs. Claus was sick. Due to a comedy of errors, Santa ended up with a suit of a different color: purple! There follows a tangled trail of hilarious examples of odd changes that ensued because of the unexpected purple hue of Santa's suit.

When I was growing up we always had the night before Christmas read to us , and now that I am older I loved to read it to my niece and nephew. This book puts a funny twist on the original and makes for the newest holiday tradition. We followed Santa s silly adventure of the Christmas Eve where everything went wrong. From a purple Santa suit, to upside down Christmas trees and wacky reindeer we found ourselves giggling quite a bit. Easton actually made me re-read the wacky reindeer names page about seven times. The readers get to follow Santa as he finds a lot of Christmas mix-ups. His sleigh turns into a jet, the elf grow too tall, the reindeer turn blue and instead of cookies and milk every is drinking tea and honey.

A cute book to add to your holiday reading , we enjoyed the laughter and all the funny things that happened. Poor Santa needs his Mrs to help him always or his suit will always be purple.

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