Sargento people are real cheese people. Proud and passionate. Three generations that span over 60 years. They do not believe in artificial or over processed food. They know your food deserves REAL authentic cheese.

Their products range from sticks, string, blocks and slices. All snacks ARE NOT created equal. Sargento offers you the snacks that give you protein and calcium and leaves you with a satisfied feeling. Each serving is 8 grams of protein with 14 nutritious and delicious varieties. Their snacks are snacks with substance.

Sharp Cheddar

From a mellow-tasting Mild to the nutty flavor of Extra Sharp, the many varieties of Cheddar cheese always make for a rich snack all on their own or paired with crackers or other wholesome foods like apples and pears.


String Cheese Mozzarella

With up to 8 grams of protein per serving, Sargento® String Cheese is a snack with substance.
In a handy to-go form, the mild, milky flavor of Mozzarella makes a great snack all on its own or paired with fresh vegetables or crackers.


Colby Jack

The perfect blend of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses combines into one convenient cheese, perfect for party platters, snacking on the go or an easy addition to lunch.


Pepper Jack

Habanero and jalapeño peppers add a burst of heat to afternoon snacking. Perfect alone or in a flour tortilla with smoked turkey breast and sliced tomatoes.


As you can see the entire family loves Sargento! The best and healthiest cheese snacks that you can find. Good for all ages. Me and the grandkids loves to snack on the string cheese while we cuddle and watch movies. Or if we are out running errands. Quick to grab and fills us up. My family loves it and I'm sure yours will also.


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Here are all of Mitzi’s tips.

  1. Pack on the protein. Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks contain 4-8 grams of protein per serving, helping keep you fueled and satisfied throughout the day. The convenient single-serve packaging makes it simple for on-the go snacking.
  2. Get fruity at least three times a day. Choose fruits that are nutritional powerhouses like watermelon which is a hydrating fruit and loaded with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Frozen grapes are another great fruit to snack on. Grapes are high in polyphenols which is another strong antioxidant.
  3. Variety is key. Aim to eat a rainbow of colors, even with your snacks. This helps you to eat a nutrient-rich diet. From baby carrots and red grapes to kale chips and Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese Snacks, eating a variety of colors means you’re getting a variety of nutrients.
  4. Spread it on. Keep your cravings at bay by mixing a can of tuna with 1/4 of an avocado and spreading it on crackers.
  5. Pick-me-up smoothie. Instead of reaching for a caffeine drink, try a berry smoothie. Greek yogurt, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and a touch of honey will meet your sugary fix.
  6. Dip and eat. Use celery, cucumbers, carrots and broccoli as fiber-filled dippers with a cool spinach or garlic dip. You can also pair with beet hummus for a boost of flavor.
  7. Snack consciously. Make sure you eat mindfully and give full attention to your snacks while you are eating instead of watching TV or performing other unconscious eating behavior. This will help avoid overeating.

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Here is more information about the Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks I’m sending you.


  • With 4-8 grams of protein per serving, Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks are a natural source of protein that keeps you fueled and satisfied.
  • Sargento Natural String Cheese Snacks have 8g of protein per serving – that’s more protein than a serving of almonds or a hard-boiled egg.
  • Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks help you stay fueled when you’re on the go.
  • They’re a wholesome snacking option that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. They are available in 14 delicious varieties, including String, Reduced Fat Colby-Jack, Sharp Cheddar and Pepper Jack.
  • For more smart snack ideas visit


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