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Saving Those Drinks From Bugs

Whenever we travel home to Jersey, the family always throws a huge barbecue for us, Sitting outside and enjoying each other, but what happens someone always catches a bug in the drink or wine. How can we solve that, I know Drink Tops WINE, the perfect cover for someone’s wine glass. They also make them for drinks so, everyone can save the drink and not have to waste them.


The wine drink outdoor glass covers let your wine breathe while keeping out bugs and other undesirable outdoor elements. Patent-pending design features a stainless steel screen surrounded by food-grade silicone that gently but firmly grips your glass. Easy to clean and extremely durable, drink covers are perfect for outdoor wine tastings, lunches, dinners, picnics, and backyard fun. Assorted wine country colors make attractive glass markers and add a decorative element to any outdoor place setting. Covers fit most glasses up to four inches wide.

These will come in perfect for the next trip up to Jersey, I am sure the family will be happy we save their wine.  Made from silicone covers on top of a glass and tap the center to form a seal. This innovative ‘tap & seal’ patent-pending design reduces flying pests from being attracted to the drink, prevents outdoor elements from entering the glass, and it stops drinks from splashing over the rim while moving. Drink Tops™ WINE silicone covers include a stainless steel mesh center, allowing wine to breathe. Best of all, they are easy to clean and extremely durable.
Drink Tops™ make great gifts and change the way drinks are enjoyed outdoors!

Enjoy the outdoors AND your beverage! Drink Tops™ MOD outdoor glass covers are a fun and easy way to keep bugs and other undesirable outdoor elements out of drinks. High-quality, BPA-free, food-grade silicone covers help drinks stay fresh longer—perfect for a refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a frosty margarita. Innovative “tap and seal” design gently suctions to glasses, locking in aromas that attract bugs and stopping drinks from splashing over the rim while moving. Bold, modern colors serve as drink markers and add an attractive decorative element to any outdoor place setting. Covers double as a small plate or coaster

Perfect for any drink I would out it over the can of soda I am drinking, or the cup I have something in. Even a can of beer this is great to use and cover it up. The ideas on what to use it on are endless and so great, No more wasting drinks, cover them up and go on with your fun.

How many of us can relate to throwing out a good drink?

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