Are you tired of wasting food, I know we are so many vegetables and so many fruits. That is wasting food as well. as money. Keep fridge and pantry food fresh up to 2X longer, enjoy fresh taste and reduce food waste when you preserve with the FoodSaver,


Ready green indicator light signals that the container or bag is ready to seal.  Release buttons easily and quickly adjust the height of the vacuum head to for the container or bag is sealed. The FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System removes air from specially-designed vacuum containers for an air-tight seal.

Vacuum seal Zipper Bags for storage of everyday foods, leftovers, and prep-ahead ingredients. Certain foods are really ideal for this, such as raw meats, and cooked food for the freezer, as it prevents ice from forming as there is NO moisture condensing from all the air around the food. I also love the upright design, u make it fit the size of the container or bag u are using, stores easily as it takes up less horizontal space. I love the fact it works on both bags and containers, creating a vacuum.


This is definitely a  smaller one compared to the bigger one my sister has. Very compact and is great for the rabbits, cucumbers we cut up and some carrots, they all last a lot longer than when we just had them, in a different bowl. Everything stays so much fresher with this.

The machine is compact enough to fit on your counter without taking up too much space. It is not heavy or real bulky and not noisy as I thought it might be. I am ordering more bags and containers. We have seen a big difference, in how well everything keeps and stays so fresh.

Save your fruits and vegetables with this amazing saver. pick yours up today.



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