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Savour the Best of Both Worlds: A Guide to 6 Hidden Gems with Delicious Cuisine and Stunning Beaches

Jamaica gets riddled with ample waterfront treasures awaiting discovery by intrepid travellers and wanderers. The captivating island has a powerful African identity and a colourful culture that offers experiences far beyond the quintessential resort-heavy beaches frequented by most tourists. 

From standard hotspots to hidden places comprising amazing food and reggae beats, there is more to Jamaica than meets the eye.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

The stretch of golden sand and calm! The rippling waters on Montego Bay have captured and lured the hearts of locals and tourists alike. It is very easily one of the most popular beach haunts. The speciality is that the area provides an intimate feel thanks to its ban on radios, footballs and vendors. So, if you are in for a quiet and secluded place, this is your best bet. 

The location is convenient for large resorts that get crowded during the height of the winter season. 

Book yourself at the Montego Bay beach resort; there is much more on offer. 

Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park

Here, you can attain oneness with nature. It is peaceful, beautiful and serene. The tranquillity of this place is set to elevate your travel experience. There is a unique lookout area which gets doubled up as a lying area. You can glare at the Dean’s Valley, a sea of green. 

The park has a mountain. The water is cold and bounding. It flows along the canal through the swimming pool and out of its path down to the side of the road. Here, the water gets spread outwards to a waterfall. Another highlight; it is an excellent site for children. The park has a small pool. The lush and greenery surrounding make for an ideal picnic with the family. Look for the peanut butter tree. 

Margaritaville Hip-Strip and River Rafting

An awe-inspiring combination of river rafting with limestone foot massage. Even more so, the whole of Margaritaville to explore. All you need is to board a 30 feet hand-crafted bamboo raft and cruise the great river. The limestone paste foot massage is by no measure ordinary; it gets made from river rocks. 

Margaritaville is an excellent meetup place for drinks, indulging in delicious and decadent dishes, watching the sunset, swimming and other activities. 

Appleton Estate

Take your tastebuds on a wild concoction ride by visiting the Appleton Estate. The oldest and most renowned sugar estate and distillery has some of the world’s finest rums since 1749. Here, you can savour your favourite cocktail, sweet sugarcane and molasses on this tour. 

Explore the rum distillery and the ageing house and take your experience a notch higher. You can also get your hands on the original Appleton keepsakes at the gift shop. Lastly, there is the beautiful full-service restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor seating. So, tantalise your tongue on your way out!

Rasta-Safari experience

Here, you can ride an all-terrain buggy and take a skinny dip into the natural mineral pools. There is also the high-intensity ATV off-road adventure in Sandy Bay. Pump up your adrenaline by speeding along the rugged dirt trails past farming villages and citrus groves; Jamaica’s native plants and animals shall await your arrival. And last but not the least, make a quick visit to the island’s oldest Presbyterian churches and photo ops at a mountain viewpoint that sits 2200 feet above sea level. 

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Night-Time Tour

A once-in-a-lifetime experience! A natural phenomenon of the luminous lagoon. The water naturally lights up around you. So, do not miss out! Jump into the magical waters to make it happen. The welcome and greeting at arrival are an experience. Indulge in a welcome drink, your choice of unique blended Jamaican rum punch or a bottle of natural spring water before you board the boat. Also, do not forget to carry a swimsuit and towel. 

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