Feel the excitement and learn the history of Florida's most remarkable treasure, the Everglades. Renew your spirit as you glide across miles of river at speeds up to 40 mph and get up close and personal with native wildlife, What is better than learning about the home to many wildlife and more.

Being  able to feel the breeze in your face as you are riding on one of those air boats was something I was most excited about. Never having ever thought I would be going on this adventure.  Open since 1950, the park aims to bring awareness to every visitor the importance of the Everglades ecosystem. Each mammal or reptile at the park has been adopted, rescued or donated over the years.



We had a great a great captain  who knew all there was about all the animals and wildlife in the swamps. The views alone were so pretty and being on the look out for signs of crocodiles in their natural home, we were lucky to have our captain, he works in a zoo and knows all there is to know about the crocodiles and alligators. Captain Trey was the best and we had a great time with him. The swamps were home to indians at one time. 



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