Say “Yes” To These Extravagant And Fun Proposal Ideas



Taking your relationship to the next level is an exciting yet overwhelming scenario. You have finally found someone special you can spend your life with. And, now you need to confess your feelings or, should we say, “Pop the question,” which is easier said than done. 


There are countless ways in which you can express your love to your partner. However, you need to select an idea that works the best for you. This is a moment that will be one of your favorite memories, so it is essential that whatever idea you select for the proposal is something unique. That’s why we’ve listed below some fun and extravagant proposal ideas that’ll help woo your partner. 


Dandelion Field

Dandelion is an emblem of a new beginning and defines hope, love, and happiness. You can plan a trip to the dandelion field with your partner, drop down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?” using an engagement ring. Make sure to hire a photographer who can capture the moment your partner says “yes.”


Sunset By The Ocean

The blend of euphoric sunset with the ocean waves is mesmerizing and pleasing. Don’t you agree? This beautiful scenery is also ideal to ask your partner out. Plan a lunch date by the ocean (or beach), set up music and when it’s time for the sunset, get the ring to express your feelings. 


Tip: Every person has an individual style and preference, so does your partner. From solitaire to cluster, they may want to embed their engagement rings according to their own choices. So, it is recommended to look for Custom engagement rings to fit your needs and have style-appropriate cuts and diamonds. A personalized ring will also ensure that your partner cherishes this moment forever.


During Karaoke

Karaoke is filled with fun, laughter, dance, and whatnot. But have you ever thought about using karaoke to convey your feelings? If not, you can consider this option now. It will surely be a unique yet extravagant way of proposal. You can go out for a karaoke night or create a setup in your house. 


Make sure to keep it casual (and not obvious!). After a while of singing and dancing, you can sing a song that defines your relationship or your partner. Believe it or not, this simple act will surely melt your partner’s heart. 


On The Ferris Wheel

Extravagant romantic proposals and a Ferris wheel go hand-in-hand. It might sound cliche, but when you are on the top of the Ferris wheel with the love of your life, everything else will suddenly come to a halt. It will be only you, your love, and a “yes.” The lights, surroundings, music, etc., will only be a cherry on top. 


Wrapping It All Up 

Understand that whatever idea you’ll select to express your feelings is merely a way. The things that will help you woo your partner are your honest and genuine emotions. So, do not hesitate to say what you feel and shower your partner with love, respect, and admiration. 


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