The Slanket is a HUGE fleece blanket with sleeves – it's 60″ x 95″. If you looked at some of the other similar products on the market, you may have noticed that the Slanket's size runs a little bit bigger, not to mention loose fitting, making The Slanket a better size for bigger guys.

The Slanket comes in a nice clear zippered cover that's great to store it in during the warmer months (ding ding! bonus value!) *Side gift hack: choose a pretty pillowcase to “wrap” it in, and use a pretty ribbon to tie it shut, or a fluffy bath towel. Instead of wasting wrapping paper or bags, the receiver will get something extra! No waste! (for a teenage girl, use a hair tie instead of the ribbon to close it)* The Slanket is incredibly soft and cozy, and I was toasty warm using it. I've felt the competition's in the store, and The Slanket is definitely softer to the touch – not cheap fleece.

I found out about The Slanket because I couldn't stand the Snuggies {that were all the rage!}. The Snuggies were made of cheap material and please how could it keep anyone warm or comfortable? There had to be something much better…oh there was…there really was. The Slanket was just what I was hoping for and more!

I was sent The Slanket in Princess Armour Pink to review. The Slanket is thick, heavy, and well made. The Slanket is rather large so it can be wrapped around you a few times for extra warmth and comfort. The arm holes allow you to change channels, read a book or magazine, drink your beverage, eat, or type away on the computer without leaving the warm and plush blanket.

It also comes in all the fun colors and designs too – leopard print, camo, fun yellow floral, and even skull & crossbones! I want to stress the quality again – The Slanket is really nice, not like those cheap $9.99 fleece throws. It is worth the $32.99 – $37.99 price tag in this aspect. If you're looking to pick up several for gifts, right now they have free shipping on all orders over $100.

I highly recommend this as a special holiday gift with it getting colder we all can use something warm to snauggle under.

Heres some info about  them

To continue providing the best blanket ever, which we created in 1998, while maintaining quality of product, and attentive customer service. We will continue evolving the product as we listen to what our customers have to say, while never truly veering away from the philosophies and specs, which make The Slanket great. Spread the Warmth!
Company Overview

The Slanket is “The Original Blanket with Sleeves!” It is the supremely soft and cozy, oversized fleece blanket, with large loose sleeves. Read a book, channel surf, sip soup, work on a laptop, chow down some popcorn, knit your lap dog a sweet sweater, video game your weekend away, or just chill out on the sofa, and stay completely covered, wrapped up and oh so toasty warm!

Check them out for yourself…

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