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Scar guard bruise guard contains BG10 technology. This is a unique, oral dosing in a 7 day regimen. It is recommended for use if you have bruising and swelling after surgery or I jury. Easy to follow 7 day regimen. One dosage card per day. Follow daily sequence of dosage cards. Take the bore lain complex tablets from the card three times per day with water. Dissolve the arnica tablets 3 times a day under the tongue, do not swallow or the effectiveness will be reduced. For best results take between meals on an empty stomach. The tablets and dosage cards are clearly marked day one through day seven. If the arnica tablets are swallowed they are not harmful, just will lessen the effectiveness.

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Scar light MD clinically proven sl5 technology. Lightens. Skin dis colorations with SL5. Can be used on darkened scars, liver spots, age spots, freckles, under eye circles, easy to use, brush on serum. Easy to use. Brushes on clear. Simply rub I to darkened area until absorbed. Scar light MD leaves no residue on your skin to affect clothing. Apply twice daily and you will see a visible difference.

Scar sheet fortified with vitamin E. Nearly invisible silicone scar sheets. Fortified with vitamin E. Medical grade silicone. Ultra thin, easy to use. Guards against new scars forming. Flattens and shrinks old scars. 21 sheets for a 6 week supply. Latex and antibiotic free.

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Scarguard MD patended SG5 technology. Diminishes scars with Multi technology. Guards against new scars forming. Flattens and shrinks old scars. Easy brush on, nearly invisible formula. For more information click here.

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