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Fasting these days is becoming quite a common lifestyle trend as everyone wants to live a healthy life and keep themselves fit and fabulous. However, some people are still scared of fasting. The ones who want to shed a couple of pounds wonder whether they will be able to fast or not. After all, the thought can be scary! But what if you find out the easy way of fasting where you do not have to starve yourself for food.


How to keep yourself lively and active during fasting?


The best way to sustain fasting without getting drained is to keep yourself equipped with hydrating liquids. Fasting is a diet practice where you avoid consuming meals that are high in calories. It could be for a couple of hours in a day to 72 hours uninterruptedly. However, it has been recommended to slowly increase your fasting duration from hours to days when you are new to this, rather than going directly for 2-3 days of fasting. 


 Fasting provides many health benefits and reduces heart disease risk as the cholesterol in the body decreases. Obesity and diabetes are those diseases that can be controlled and maintained with the help of fasting. However, people who have diabetes cannot go on extreme fasting. Most importantly, what matters is how you prevent yourself from getting dehydrated and stay energized with the drinks you consume.


Now you might be wondering what can I drink while fasting? What are the favorable drinks to consume while being on fast? 


Drinks you can consume while fasting


  1. Lemon water

Water is a liquid that is always suggested when you are fasting so that you don't feel dried out, and since water does not contain any calorie substance so it does not harm the body. But how about adding a flavor to your water content? Lemon juice not only gives you a better taste but is considered to be one of the best drinks to cut out fats in a human body and eventually block weight gain.


  1. Coffee

The majority of people generally love coffee, but that depends upon what kind of coffee you prefer. While you are fasting, you are strictly on a No-sugar content diet; hence having a coffee with cream and sweetener will be of no use for the body. However, you can have black coffee since it is an absolute calorie-free beverage and therefore does not affect your insulin level. All you have to do is avoid sugar and milk in your coffee, though spices would still be fine. 


  1. Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is good for weight loss fasting as it consists of antimicrobial and antioxidant elements that purify the blood and detoxify it. Apple cider vinegar is also known for decreasing blood sugar and helping indigestion. 


Note – you must never have apple cider vinegar as a shot. Just put a drop or two of apple cider vinegar in warm water and drink it up. It's good for reducing belly fat! But it does not mean you are going to have as many tacos and fries as you like. 


  1. Tea

Tea is the most preferred beverage when you are fasting as it makes your fasting easier and smoother. It provides you with many options for consumption as per your taste. Types of tea that you can rely on during fasting could be black tea, green tea, or herbal tea. These will not only keep you active but would give a change to your taste buds as well. 


  1. Sea saltwater

While you are fasting, your body is getting deprived of minerals and nutrients. Hence sodium chloride would be the essential part of your muscle tissues. Since workout would also be part of your dietary plan so to save yourself from muscle tearing, it is recommended to have sea saltwater daily while fasting. 




Apart from the above-listed beverages, you could prefer natural fruit juices as well but try to keep it minimal as fruits also contain natural sweeteners in them, which could raise the insulin in the body.


 You can also add Mud\Wtr as one of your substitutes while you are fasting. It consists of masala chai, lion's mane, and chaga that will help you stay lively and will protect the body from dizziness, headache and nausea during the liquid fast. 

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