Scary, Collectible Action Figures

Would You Like Some Scary, Collectible Action Figures?  These Little, Micro Figures Are Just In Time For Halloween

Do you love scary collectibles?  Well, it's certainly the perfect time of the year for them, right?  If you say you don't have enough space for collectibles, I've got something for you.  Super Impulse is a company that has various toys, but more importantly, figurines that you can collect.  Now, they're not just any kind, these are tiny ones that will fit anywhere!  The ones they sent to me are the World's Smallest Mego Horror Micro Action Figures – Nosferatu and Frankenstein.   They all come in tiny, plastic display cases and each figure is made with such cool detail.  It also includes a display stand too.  However, just because they're little guys doesn't mean they won't give big nightmares, just in time for Halloween!

Scary, Collectible Action Figures

Action Figures And More

Each and every action figure measures 1.25 inches tall, but don't let that take away your fear.  They also have 3 points of articulation (areas that they move) and they all have their very own replica of a blister card.  This is so unique and interesting to me.  There are also miniature accessories that these small figures can hold if you can believe that!  Imagine giving these to a horror freak as a gift.  Oh, and if you want more than the two I've described, there are 2 more.  The other 2 are Dracula and The Invisible Man.  You can either purchase the set of all 4 or separately.  However, as with anything, you'll get a better price if you buy all of them as a set.  They're available at Amazon and you can simply click on the links I've provided if you're interested.

Scary, Collectible Action Figures

So, who doesn't love Halloween?  As we get older we forget how to have fun, especially when it comes to dressing up for this awesome holiday.  Although, some of us go a little crazy and enjoy it, shall I say, a tad bit too much?  Is that a thing?  Well, I hope you have a blast and if you have little ones, I hope they get their pumpkin buckets filled to the brim!

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