This was done by Deborah

I was given the opportunity to review a school supply cake, I was wondering what it was going to be as I was told it would come disassembled with directions, I said Oh Boy..if anyone is bad at putting things together it is me (we call Aunt Dot up on Christmas to put toys together) So I received this box and opened it, it had a roll of paper towel on top and was the first item I saw and in clicked that voice saying oh boy is this going to be that messy they sent paper towel!

So I emptied the rest out and there were crayons, notepads, colored pencils, paints,3 containers 1 with push pins, 1 with paper clips and 1 with the black metal clips, the 3 containers locked into each other or you could use them individually, I thought that was very neat! And it came with a ton of glue sticks, and an instruction sheet to assemble the “cake” so I got to work, you get a base for your project, it can be a cookie sheet or a piece of cardboard.Then you wrap the notebooks around the paper towel (see where that comes into play) and secure it with a rubber band.

Then you position the crayons and gluesticks for the bottom layer and the middle layer you use the colored pencils and paint sets alternating them and then stand the teacher clips and pins on the top of the papertowel roll with gluesticks surrounding and the directions say optional but if giving this very inexpensive yet creative gift to your childs teacher you can personalize it by tying ribbion or decorative tape around each layer! It was very simple to do and honestly something I never would have thought of but any teacher would love this, they go thru so many of these supplies during the year ,


if you wanted you could even add in sticky note pads, or hi-lighters, it is easy to substitute afew items to make it your own. I did decide to try the quality of the products, so we colored afew pictures, the crayons were great, nice color and even not all waxy. The colored pencils were nice too as well were the paints. Right now I have pictures hanging on the fridge since paint is the all time favorite art project in this house, they are done on the lined paper from the book too, and I gotta say the paint dried pretty fast and the younger one thinks more is better! I Loved these products and the creativity part of it.

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