The Scorpion Gatling Blaster is the newest foam dart toy in the market. The Scorpion fired 20 foam darts in 20 seconds. Equipped with a 20 round ammo-belt, easy reloading makes the user battle ready in an instant. Between the quick fire approach and additional ammo, the Scorpion is the must have accessory for any foam dart battle.

The difference between this device and other foam dart items is the price. Priced at under $20, the Scorpion Gatling Blaster is one of the most cost effective options for a large scale foam blaster. From the gatling blaster sound to the extra ammo, the Scorpion is an amazing value. Recently, a group of boys came over to test the Scorpion Gatling Blaster and to provide their feedback on this new edition to the foam dart gun. The fast fire was the most effective asset of the toy. The boys felt that this gun would help them win any battle.


With outdoor play, the boys were impressed with the distance from the darts. the Scorpion foam darts can reach about 75 feet. If using this toy indoors, it is best to find plenty of space and avoid using it around breakable items (avoid the dining room china cabinet). The boys all agreed that the Scorpion Gatling Blaster is there new favorite for foam dart battles.For smaller hands, the size of the Scorpion Gatling Blaster was good. The smaller size helps children with maneuverability. The only downside to the Scorpion was the battery life. With six AA batteries, it can lose its juice. The fast action requires a lot of power.
The Scorpion Gatling Blaster comes with 1 gatling blaster dart gun, 20 super darts and one 20 round ammo-belt. It is recommended for ages 8 and older. The Scorpion Gatling Blaster will be sold exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com. Prime Time Toys, Dart Zone is the creative force behind a range of popular dart blasters. The items in this line are designed for premium performance at the most affordable pricing on the market. With the holiday gift buying season or upcoming birthday, the Scorpion Gatling Blaster will be on many wish lists. Based on the boys’ feedback, it will be a must have on all Holiday lists. For more information click here.

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