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Scotch Whisky In a Class of Its Own

I will admit it used to be when I thought of Scotch Whisky I though of old men sitting around drinking it.  When I first tried Scotch, my thought went to burning of my throat.

Then I found SIA Scotch Whisky.  Maybe the name drew me to it, or maybe it is the fact that it was created by a woman, but I was intrigued nonetheless.  I really did not expect much, I expected it to be the usual Scotch that I am used to, burning my throat. I mean after all, it is less expensive and nothing that is as expensive as the “good brands” can taste that great and smooth right? WRONG.

SIA is so smooth that it was like drinking water.  Literally no throat burn in the least.  Usually I take a sip of Scotch and am done, thank you that is quite enough, and pass my glass on to someone else, but not with this. I went back for more. And then more.  Not one sip with this, I drank it all.

After tasting it I did some research on it and found that it has won numerous awards and scored better than the more well-known scotch whisky brands and was cheaper to boot.  I can definitely see why it gets such a high score and wins  because this is really good stuff.  They say SIA is “not your grandfather’s Scotch” and they are right – no more will I think of old men sitting around with cigars when I hear Scotch Whisky.

SIA Scotch is a product of Scotland and is a blend of Speyside, Highland, an Islay malt ad grain whiskies. It is the first crowdfunded Scotch Whisky in history, and it is the first Blended Scotch Whisky company ever created by a woman (YEAH!).  It is 86 proof, and I failed to mention but the aftertaste is not harsh either and the taste it leaves in your mouth is so pleasant that I did not even rinse my mouth out or drink anything after. I just enjoyed the aftertaste. It is that good.

Check out SIA Scotch Whisky for yourself.  You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook or check out some cocktail ideas using SIA Scotch Whisky here. You will never think of Scotch the same way again!

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