Scotch Duct Tape is hosting a Back-to-School contest that asks teens to create an original back-to-school craft with duct tape and submit a photo that shows how they’re going back to school in style for a chance to win $1,000. The Tape On Back-to-School contest lasts until August 18th on the Scotch Facebook page.

Teen Vlogger, Sarai Jones, will be judging the contest and has a created a fun video with locker decorations for inspiration. The contest will include prizes for the top four winners with first place receiving $1000, second place receiving $500 and third and fourth place receiving $250.


Have you ever thought that the boring grey duct tape would someday be colored, not me . With school starting in some places this is a cool way to make those boring binders, and notebooks look actually cool. And lets not forget  those boring  folders.




These colors would of been really awesome when I was back in school, I could of made that blue binder look cool and then our ugly bag covers could of had color instead of brown, or we all use to write on it.  The colors are all nice and every child will want to use it on something .

From binders, to notebooks, to a ipad covers they will come up with the best designs and have a good time doing so.

The possibilities are endless. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest too, if you need more direction!

You can pick up these Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape on and your local Target and Walmart stores. The colors & combinations that are sold in stores varies so I suggest ordering on Amazon for the styles or your kids might like.



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