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Seaside Nibbles At The BREEZE

The-Breeze (1)

The breeze is located at the EUA resort and spa. The setting is on the ocean so you not only get the breeze you hear the waves breaking. As you sit poolside or at the outdoor bar you can order some refreshing drinks, and some awesome food.

The ocean is right in reach so after you eat, you can take a romantic walk and enjoy the water, the first night we stayed we were invited to a clam bake, amazing seating on the beach and everything was served with such elegance.

Dine on a mouth-watering watermelon, beet, and feta salad and a feast of lobster, crab, and mussels, you can enjoy watching the waves break and the mist spraying up on you. The outside bar is beautiful and open, inviting you in . Relax on the lounge chairs that are all over the bar area.

There are a lot of roped off areas, the turtles come there and lay their eggs. Once it starts getting dark there are no lights at all, not even your phone light. There are some very dim lights. The reason it confuses the precious turtle babies.

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