Secondhand But Not Second Best: What You Should Buy Used

We can instinctively cringe at the idea of buying something secondhand. Some people just aren’t that keen on owning something that has already been owned by someone else. You don’t know where it’s been. But buying things secondhand can save you a lot of money, and sometimes there’s very little drop in quality. Many items have a lower value as soon as they’ve had one owner, even if it’s only for a few minutes. So you can often benefit from buying a used item or even a pre-owned but never used item instead of getting something brand new. Here are some of the best things to buy secondhand.



Solid Furniture


Furnishing your home can get expensive, especially if you want furniture that’s built to last. If you’re looking for solid furniture that will survive for a long time, buying secondhand is often the best thing to do. It’s already survived having one owner, so it must be made well. Of course, you should make sure to check it out in person whenever you can. It will allow you to check the quality and the structure. This is more important if you’re planning on spending a good sum of money. You can get the best bargains if you can find furniture that hasn’t already been labelled as “vintage” or “antique” by a savvy seller.


Cars and Other Vehicles


Some people can’t get around without a car. And if you can’t get around, you can’t go to work or do other important things. Brand new cars and other vehicles can get pretty expensive, though. A used car can still be in great condition when you buy it, and it can last you for years too. Many people who buy a new car get bored of it and trade it in after a while anyway. You can take a look at used Volvos here if you want to see what sort of thing you could buy. Don’t think of used cars as old, rundown vehicles on their last legs. They can be practically new, and there’s always plenty of choice.



Sports Equipment


Some different types of sports equipment can be ideal to buy used. For example, bicycles are often not worth their new price. You might need to slightly adjust a used one to fit you properly, but that doesn’t take long. Other things you might want to consider buying used include paddlesports items like canoes, kayaks and various accessories. You might want to buy a used surfboard or a secondhand soccer goal to put in your backyard.




Wearing used clothes is the thing that many people can have a problem with. But as long as you wash them, there shouldn’t be any problems. The best things to buy used are kids’ clothes and designer clothes. Your children will grow out of their clothes fast enough that new clothes aren’t worth it. And designer clothes keep their great quality but are a lot cheaper as soon as they leave the designer store.


There’s no need to pay full price when secondhand items can be excellent choices too. It makes sense financially and practically too.

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