I was given the chance to review something from the Economy range which cost between 15 and 25 Each pair of prescription glasses they sell also come with free standard lenses, UV protective, anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating and of course is safely housed in a case with a cloth.

I really need them for reading on the computer and was able to get them for just that. Selectspecs website is easy to use. First of all I got my prescription from my opticians. Always do this if you are going to order glasses online, you don't want to damage or strain your eyes. I then used the easy order form on selectspecs website to order my glasses with the correct prescription. They don't only do value glasses, they also stock designers like Prada and Bench, so you may well get a bargain here if that is what you're after.
There is a wide selection of glasses; full rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless.

It's that  simple and easy to use and do. I was really surprised when these glasses turned up – I expected the lenses to be awful and the frames to be flimsy but I was so surprised, I can actually see well through the lenses they seem to have got my prescription just right.

I ended up getting these :

Infinity Prescription Glasses



tem Details

  • Brand: Infinity
  • Model / Item: 1096
  • Selected Colour:
  • Product Type: Prescription Glasses
  • Suitable for Men
  • Suitable for Ladies
  • Ready for Single Vision Lenses


Select specs will soon be stocking contact lenses, so I will be keeping my eye out (see what I did there?!) for when they are released.

Keep up to date with their updates on Facebook and Twitter. If you buy a pair of specs, let me know how you get on. Their value range is really great – I will probably buy a few more pairs to have around the house, high up…away from the grasp of small hands…

To  connect more with the company you can do so here. 

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