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You are offering her your eternal love and a life’s worth of devotion in a proposal that is represented by one gorgeous diamond ring. While you admittedly lack knowledge in women’s jewellery, you are certain that you would want to get a bespoke engagement ring for your beloved. It would be something especially made for her, something only she owns.


When you have a bespoke engagement ring that is custom made to your exact desires and requirements, you want to spend even more time choosing the best centre stone. Choosing the diamond to go in the centre of your customised engagement ring can be a decision that takes time to make.


When it comes to choosing your ring, this article will list some of the top things to look out for so you can make a sound decision you are happy with. For starters, some of the unique engagement rings you can find at Ringleaders come with the most beautiful centre stones. Their bespoke designs also give you the flexibility to choose your own diamond if you wish.


Selecting The Best Diamond For A Bespoke Engagement Ring


With so many diamonds to choose from and so little time, you may start to find the choice overwhelming and not know where to begin. Looking for the factors we are listing below will help provide clarity and direction in your search for the perfect diamond.

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  1. Spot your favourite shape – the diamond shape, or cut, is a big part of the look and overall sparkle of the diamond. With so many cuts from princess and oval to round and cushion, it’s a great idea to familiarise yourself with the choice out there.


  1. Think about the size/carat weight – the carat you wish to go for will also be a big factor in finding the best diamond for your bespoke engagement ring. Even a diamond that is half a carat or one carat in size can look absolutely stunning and provide just the look you are going for. You will also want to be practical and consider whether your day job lends itself to the size of the diamond you desire.


  1. Think about your budget – the budget will determine which carat, cut, clarity and colour you can go for in the end. These factors of the diamond essentially make the stone what it is and give it the look you love. It’s great that once you get to know how the 4C’s impact the price and look of the diamond, you can alter each aspect to suit your specific desires. For example, a carat weight difference of 10% will impact the price but be almost impossible to see visually.


Now you know a few of the main aspects to look out for when buying a diamond, this will massively help your search. With a bespoke ring, it can seem like the options are endless. However, this will help narrow things down so you can come to a quick and easy solution to find the best one for your needs.


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