If you do up your home décor well, everyone would be impressed. The value of a well decorated and nicely maintained house is pretty high. It is always a good idea to opt for an effective landscape designing that would add to the beauty and value of the house. Here are some truly effective tips for increasing the overall appeal of your home. Remember a well-maintained and an attractive landscape could be adding almost 10 percent to its original value.

Cottage Style and Well-maintained Front Garden

Potential home buyers would be forming their first opinion of a home actually from its overall aesthetic ambiance and curb appeal.  In your frenzy to sell off the property often you tend to pay more attention to the interior of the house and ignore the exterior landscaping. Outdoor landscaping is often underdone or overlooked but you must realize that a well-maintained and attractive landscape could add almost 10% to the original value of your home. Get in touch with the reputed and utterly professional King Landscape Company for all your landscaping solutions.

Use Outdoor Container Plants


Garden landscaping ideas should be implemented to create an appeal. Use container plants, mostly large tropical ones, for adding an element of interest to your doorways and patios. The potential buyers would be immensely impressed while entering or exiting the house. Such displays would be demonstrating the limitless possibilities of landscape designing with beautiful container plants.

Add Some Instant Color

Adding seasonal colors could make the landscape stand out from the rest. Use flats of annuals that are not too expensive. You could use a splash of vibrant colors or stick to a monochromatic scheme depending on what would complement the overall ambiance of your home.

Give Proper Shape to the Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

Dead branches or dead leaves are a sure sign of poorly maintained plants. You should take on any pruning chores you may have ignored earlier so that your plants still look great. Shrubs and deciduous trees can be pruned throughout the year. Take care of your perennial beds. If the annual or perennial herbaceous plants don't look too good, tidy them up, or replace them.

If you are relocating, now is as good a time as any to decide which plants you want to take with yourself and which you want to leave behind or get rid of. Proper landscaping around trees or shrubs often helps you to keep safe from state cases.   Some states have restrictions on removing plants from a landscape, so you will have to at least inform your buyer beforehand if you are altering it to take part of it along with you.

Incorporate Stone-lined Landscaping Beds and Fountains

We are constantly looking out for ways to enrich and heighten our home décor. Water fountains are the best way of providing a mind-blowing and unique focal point. You could enhance the look of your exteriors and interiors by thoughtful use of water fountains. You could use tabletop or wall type models for adding an element of elegance, style, and beauty to your home. Wall water would be requiring expertise and special skills.

If there is at least, one water fountain inside your home the value of the house shoots up. Potential buyers would be truly impressed. Your house would seem much more expensive and more people would be drawn to your home. This seems to be a good feature for boosting the value of your asset. The sound of the falling water seems melodious and unbelievably sexy. Add lush green plants and an enticing stone wall to spruce up the overall aesthetic ambiance of your home.That said, you can always find out how much you can get for your house in its current state by selling it directly to a real estate investor like Your Trusted Home Buyer.

Author Bio: Christopher Sherman is an experienced landscape designer heading an interior design firm that specializes in landscaping solutions just like King Landscape Company. He has successfully completed numerous landscaping projects during his decade-long career.

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  1. I really like the blue and white flowers with the rest of the greenery. This is a landscape that I would love to have. Then there is the brick path, which don’t require that much maintenance.

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