If you’ve decided that the time has come to sell up and move on, the chances are that you want your home to sell quickly. With the state of the property market at the current time, there’s no way to guarantee a speedy sale. However, what you can do is ensure that your property offers everything that buyers are looking for and more. Doing this will significantly increase your chances of making a sale within the first month – every seller’s dream.


Setting the right price and ensuring that there are good quality photos of your home are crucial, but this isn't all you need to do for quick sale success. There are also plenty of other things that you can do to help boost your chances of a quick sale. Here are a few useful tips that, if put into practice, will help you ensure your home gets snapped up fast.


Update the interior of your home

It's time to get the paint brushes out again
It's time to get the paint brushes out again

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If you want your property to sell quickly and for a good price, it needs to be smart, stylish and up to date with the newest trends. Bright, bold colors are a big no-no, as they’re a major turn-off to buyers. To have any chance of selling quickly, it’s crucial that the interior of your home is as neutral as possible. When selling your home quickly , take into account of all you need to do.


It’s not just the walls that you need to think about, the flooring, tiles and fixtures and fittings also need to be smart and stylish. If there’s a lot of work to do and you don’t think that you can do it to a high standard, it’s best to hire a professional renovation company. When it comes to your home’s appearance, if you want it to sell, it needs to be as smart as possible. That’s why, if you’re not a skilled decorator, it’s best to leave any updates to the professionals.


Beautify the outside to increase curb appeal


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Potential buyers form an opinion about a property in the first 15 seconds of seeing it. This is why it’s crucial that your home’s curb appeal is up to scratch. If the outside of your property isn’t smart and stylish, this could put buyers off. This means, refreshing the paint, removing any junk from the yard, and ensuring that the grass and borders are weed free. If you don’t fancy doing this yourself, hire a landscape gardener to do it for you.


As the door is the main feature of the front of your home, it’s crucial that this is in good condition. If you door is grubby or worn, it’s a good idea to replace it. You could also dot a few pot plants outside of it, as well as some exterior lighting. The more visually appealing the exterior of your home is the higher your chances of a quick sale.


Declutter and depersonalize


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Clutter is a real turn-off for buyers, as it shows that your property lacks storage space. Plus, it can make the room look smaller. That’s why it’s essential that before you start taking viewings, that you have a clear out. Any items that you want but have no room for, put in storage so that they’re not left lying around.


It’s also important to depersonalize the space. This is important as you want potential buyers to be able to envisage themselves and their family living in your home. This means removing family photos, wall art and any other personal pieces of decor.

In today’s economic climate, selling your home quickly and for a good price, isn’t easy. However, if you take the above advice on board, you can increase your chances of a quick sale.


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