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Fluffy Pals to Send to A Friend in the Mail

Send A Fluffy Pal to A Friend

When someone takes the time to send you a personal gift in the mail, it becomes even more special, as gift giving becomes more rare. For me, I will always gift give as I love seeing smiles on peoples face and making them feel loved and cherished. A fun website that I believe is worth checking out is Send A Friend.

Special Gesture

Send A Friend is a fun idea where you get to choose a special animal plushy and send it via snail mail to a friend. They are wrapped in blue tissue paper and put inside a blue box with a card from the sender. I really love that I can add that special touch when I want to send some love across the miles to my family members.

Spreading the Love

The purpose of Send A Friend is to show that someone loves you! This is such a beautiful company, because they also donate ten percent of their proceeds to children’s hospitals. The Send A Friend fluffy pals are ideal for three years old and above. There are so many choices to pick. There’s a sloth, lobster, fox, otter, rooster, koala, hedgehog, polar bear, cow, and giraffe. In addition, there is also  a moose, dinosaur, wolf, turtle, kitten, horse, penguin, and much much more! They come at ten inches tall, are very soft and fluffy, and shipping is free.


I find the penguin very adorable! It’s name is Pepper, and is the coolest fluffy pal there is. It has a white belly, gray arms, and a yellow beak! You have the option of sending a penguin sticker and blue rose to this cute care package if you wanted to. There is also space for 150 characters to write a personal message.

Find out more about these adorable fluffy pals at Send A Friend / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram