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Sensory Stimulating Doodle Pad

I Love This Sensory Stimulating Doodle Pad – It's Great For Kids That Have Sensory Issues Or Those That Don't!

Most children love sensory-stimulating toys because they enjoy the feel of certain textures.  However, there are those kids that have issues touching textures, this doodle pad is great for both.  It's a fun way to teach kids that it's ok and exciting to touch something different.  Not to mention, it won't make a mess!  My granddaughter is one of the children that truly enjoy the feel of textures on her fingertips.  It brings her a sense of enjoyment.  I couldn't wait to give her the Doodle Jamz Jelly Pics I received.  This specific one has little beads with a smiley face and the other has a jelly-like consistency.  I'll give the link to the jelly-like one down below.   The reason there's no mess is that it's all kept underneath a clear sheet that keeps everything contained.

Sensory Stimulating Toys Are Important

Have you seen the little babies that wear those mittens on their hands?  I know people mean well, but it's not the smartest thing to do for your little one.  Please understand, this is only my opinion!  This has nothing to do with Doodle Jamz as a company.  See, if you don't teach your babies to touch and feel the world it can backfire.  However, I'm not a doctor so take my advice as you see fit.  These sensory doodle pads are so amazing and fun for kids and adults!  I have found myself playing with them.  As a matter of fact, they say that fidgeting with different items can calm a stressed person.  I would recommend these for anyone really.

What Exactly Do You Do With These Pads?

Each pad comes with a certain background and you can use the beads to draw extra creations on the faces.  You can even print your own face and put it into the background!  There's also a separate squishy pad that has the jelly-like goo and it comes with a smoothing knife.  With this instrument, you can make shapes, and drawings, or just enjoy the fun of pushing it around.  Both of the pads I received come with a stylus, which makes it easy to create exciting new art designs, but I enjoy using my fingers!  The one with jelly is called the Sky Castle Doodle Jamz JellyBoard and they're both available on Amazon.

These pads are so inexpensive so if you have a birthday or want to buy a “just because” gift, this is perfect!  I hope you enjoy them as much as my granddaughters have.  Imagine using these fun boards to practice their alphabet and numbers.

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