Sentry Safe


Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe has some of the best lock boxes. I really like the fact that they are lightweight and easily to carry with you. My grandmother's house burnt when I was young. I still remember the devastation my family experienced because she lost everything. And back in that day nothing was backed up. Original photos and important documents were lost. Some things can not be replaced with an insurance check.

Sentry Safe

The handle flips out to make picking up and carrying your lock box easy and convenient. Then it flips back down and stays tucked away until you need it again.

Nice Size – Big and Roomy

Sentry Safe

The exterior measurements are H 6.1′ x W 14.3′ x D 11.2′ ( H 15.5 cm x W 36.2cm x D 28.4 cm ). The interiors measurements are H 3.5′ x W 12′ x 7.5′ ( H 8.9 cm x W 30.5 cm x D 19.1 cm ). Only weighing 14 lbs. Which makes this lock box the perfect size to keep all of your documents. We keep our titles, tax documents, birth certificates and other important documents like that in ours.  It gives me a peace of mind that I didn't have before. Now I don't worry about losing my children and grandchildrens baby pictures, birth certificates, school notes and awards. They may not mean a lot to anyone else but me. But to me those memories are priceless. And Sentry Safe helps me keep them all safe.

Sentry Safe

Each lock box comes with two keys. One for you and your spouse. Or if you share a lockbox with your children, you can keep one and hide the other for them. The fire protection is UL classified to survive in a fire for 1/2 hour in temperatures up to 1550°F. If you do experience fire damage, Sentry Safe will replace your fire-resistant product to help you start over fresh. ETL verified for the protection of USB drives, CDs, DVDs and portable hard drives. Because if your family is like ours, we have everything backed up electronically.

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