SEO for Law: Your Guide to Link Building and Why it Matters

One of the most popular SEO methods and practices is link building. However, you may have been warned that building links can be dangerous. Link building, when done correctly, can actually boost your search engine results. 

What Is Link Building?

Link building is increasing the number of inbound links that go to your website. An inbound link helps boost your search engine results since Google interprets the link as a recommendation for your website. A link to your content suggests that someone else finds it relevant and valuable, which increases the chances that people searching for that information will find what you have posted helpful as well. An inbound link will be beneficial to your overall SEO strategy when it comes from a reputable site and it’s also important if that site is relevant to yours. If you need SEO service then visit this page

Benefits of Link Building

There are plenty of benefits in link building making it important for SEO.

Increase in Web Traffic: If you want to get more web traffic then link building is one of the ways to do so. 

Better Search Rankings: Building backlinks is also one of the best ways to improve search rankings. 

Continuous Referral Traffic: When you have a permanent link on another authoritative site then you are also getting website traffic from that link as long as the link is there. This can be more beneficial than other forms of traffic. For example, if you stop paying for ads then they go away, and you don’t get traffic from that source anymore. 

Makes Your Brand an Authority: Having a link-building strategy that is carefully planned and executed, such as link insertion or niche editing, can lead to your brand becoming an industry authority. This alone will lead to more consumer trust, sales, revenue, and brand recognition. 

Better Visibility and Exposure: While many people just view link building as beneficial from an SEO standpoint, it also leads to more lead generation. If you want to reach out to a new audience then building backlinks can help you reach this untapped market. 

Improves Relationships in Your Niche: Since you should be focused only on building links that are relevant to your industry you are also building relationships and networking in your niche. It can lead to different opportunities for your business or other ways to collaborate. 

Better Quality Content for Readers: Link building means your readers are able to enjoy better quality content. Content necessary for link building should be educational, informative, and add value for consumers. 

Creating the Right Links

Creating links involves choosing sites where you want to seek out links. Sometimes you will get links to your site naturally and that is great, but if you are choosing sites then you want to make sure you are checking out the site. Factors that make a site undesirable for a link are obvious. If there are missing images, display problems, broken links, or other issues, right away it’s best to stay clear. If the site features a lot of irrelevant links, then you also want to avoid this. Some links are going to be more valuable than others, depending on how they are structured. Links that come from within the body of the post and have relevant anchor text are going to be worth more than those that are in bios or bylines. 

Different Link Building Tactics for Lawyers

There are a number of different opportunities when it comes to a link building strategy. 

Update or Create Directory Listings

The web is full of many opportunities for directory listings. Some are even legal-specific. There are more legal directories on the Internet than most lawyers are aware of. You will want to do some research into each domain, but some of the valuable ones include, Martindale, NOLO, and FindLaw. There are also some award-based directories where you will have to qualify to get a listing. 

Guest Posting

In order to use guest posting effectively for linking, your post should contain valuable information and insights, be placed on a site that is relevant to your law firm, whether it is the location or subject matter, and include links naturally in the body of the post using keywords that are relevant. 

Create and Promote Your Own Content

One straightforward way to get links is to create your own great content. This should be content that people want to share. Think about catchy headlines, graphics, and content that is in a format that is inviting. It should be easy to share with social media plugins so users can share with just one click. 

Contribute to Relevant Publications

For lawyers, relevant publications can be either industry or location related. For example, writing a legal column for the local newspaper could lead to a relevant link, as does publishing an article on a legal directory site. 

Get Recognized

If you get an award from the local bar association or get noticed by the local Chamber of Commerce, then you can get publicity. This is valuable in its own right as far as brand awareness, but it may also mean a link on the organization’s website as well as placement in local media. You do have to qualify for an award and can’t control the final decision, but you should work on getting nominated by someone you know if possible. 

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