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The shark rocket is a great vacuum. I have had a lot of vacuums. I have had good ones and bad ones. This one is great. This vacuum is light weight easy to use and actually cleans up the debris on the hardwood floor instead of shooting it across the floor. I love the fact that it has easy attachments to change so you can go from cleaning the floors to the stairs to the little cob webs on the ceilings . It is very easy to empty the canister. I give this vacuum an A+. I also have two dogs and usually the hair gets caught on the outside and clogs it so that it loses suction. That did not happen with this vacuum. It also worked we'll on my carpets. I was skeptical of how it was going to work compared to other vacuums as it is lightweight and much smaller than most vacuums.

The included Dust-Away™ Attachment with Microfiber Pad is great for hard floors, and the crevice tool is great for sucking up all the cracker crumbs in our sofa.

What amazes me most about the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is its suction power.



After vacuuming just a very small area (about 3 square feet) that we had actually vacuumed the day before with our very expensive vacuum, we were disgusted (in a good way) with all that the Shark Rocket was able to suck up.


Important to note that storing the Rocket requires installation of a wall hook (included) or you can remove the main unit and snap it onto the bottom carpet attachment section as shown in the image above.


Enhanced Swivel Steering and a low profile nozzle delivers “go anywhere” versatility.
Dual Power Settings so it is gentle on bare floor and delicate area rugs and can deep clean carpets by removing embedded dirt.
Additional features include:
Dust-AwayTM Attachment with Microfiber Pad: Completely capture dust particles from all bare floor surfaces by vacuuming large debris and picking up fine dust.
Crevice Tool: 12 inches of extended reach for hard to reach spaces.
Dusting Brush and Pet/Upholstery Tool and wall mount for convenient storage.


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