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I have a lot of shark products in my house. When it comes to shark you can trust their products. They are very good quality for a good price. I have two dogs and where I live it doesn't matter if you take your shoes off at the door. The dirt just seems to get on the floors anyway. With the shark rotator you can go from carpets to hardwood floors with no problem.  When it comes to vacuums I look for what cleans good, and is hassle free. The shark rotator you can vacuum without brushes on for hardwood floors. Brushes on for carpets and when you stand vacuum straitened up the brushes shut off and makes it more quiet. This feature is also on the navigator. The power of this vacuum is ver powerful. I didn't realize how much dirt there was until I looked in the canister. The Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away 3 in 1 vacuum is definitely a leader in the mid-priced vacuum class. The 3 in 1 means you get an upright vacuum, a canister vac and a portable vacuum all in one machine.

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While all these components combined into one do make this model a bit top-heavy, Shark has integrated swivel steering and a powerful motor, making it much easier to handle. All in all, this is one machine you may really want to consider for your home. This vacuum is easy to empty. It is great for any room. It even lifts away from the base easily so you can vacuum places like the stairs, and in the crevices without having to carry the whole vacuum. Easy care canister opens at the top and bottom and is huge. You just dump it out at the end of every cleaning session. The filters NEVER NEED TO BE REPLACED! You wash and dry them every three months and you are good to go. The head pivots for tight corners and easy walking. HEPA filter Motorized Brushroll to get that deep down dirt in carpets. Canister that can be removed from brushroll to clean carpets, upholstery or stairs. Extra long cord Stretch hose for those high up places Variable suction Optional accessories. For more information click here.


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