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The other day I had received the shark sonic duo to review. I was so excited as I have a descent sized kitchen with big tiles and it's hard to scrub the tiles. The kids spill things on the floor. I loved it. It worked great. Cut my floor cleaning time in half. When you turn the sonic duo on the duo pads move back and forth scrubbing the floor with two settings. You also have the cleaning fluid that you can squirt the floor and clean as you go. The sonic duo was so easy to put together. It comes with different pads for tile, hardwood and carpets. They labeled the pads on the tag so you know which pads are for what type of floor. There's no guessing. The sonic duo isn't to heavy. When you turn it on it has lights on the front to light up the area to see where you are cleaning. My floors have not been this clean in a long time. I'm sure when I had to scrub them on my hands and knees I probably missed a spot.
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With the duo you can see where you have cleaned. It not only scrubs the floor but also dries quickly. Every time I mop the floors someone has to walk in the room and leave feet marks or smudges. The duo dries the floor so well there is no need to wait to enter the room. It also came with two bottles two put the cleaners in. I like that so you can use one for the floor cleaner and the other bottle can be used for the rug cleaner. I can not explain how well the duo cleaned and how easy it was to use. This is one item that helps save time from cleaning. My sons bathroom floor gets very dirty. I don't know how he does it but he gets toothpaste on the floor. It's a pain to get off. You have to scrub very hard to get it off. Not anymore, I can just use the sonic duo.
Shark Sonic Cleaning Technology scrubs your floors and carpets 1,000 times per minute. That’s over 16 powerful scrubs every second! Sonic cleaning blasts away the stuck-on dirt on your floors and your carpets, but requires almost zero effort on your part thanks to AIRGLIDE MANEUVERABILITY. It’s never been easier or faster to get both your floors and carpets truly clean! For more information click here.

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  1. I want one so bad!! Great review made me want one even more. Thanks

  2. I also have tile floor and find them crazy hard to clean, no matter what I do! I think I am going to put this on my Christmas list, because I have seriously been thinking about purchasing one. I’ll let someone else buy it for me!

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