My package I was waiting for arrived today. I was waiting impatiently for the shark steam and spray pro mop to arrive. Immediately when it arrived I couldn't wait to open the box.
It was very easy to put together. I had been wanting to use it on my bedroom floor. It didn't let me down. The floor was clean and shiny. It was easy to clean with. I usually have to get the mop and bucket out. Fill the bucket with water and soap. And i am not going to lie I have knocked the bucket over on my hardwood floors. Which made a mess. This is very easy and no buckets to knock over. The attachments are easy to change. The water canister is easy to fill. The mop heads are easy to install and take off. I have had other steam mops before and they didn't work as well as this one.





The mop makes it hands free for me… I used to have to get down on the floor and scrape off things that were stuck on…this mop with the spray feature has cut through stuck on goo and mopped it up with ease… I was amazed.

Perfect for consumers who need extra cleaning power to deep clean and sanitize all hard floors and is safe to use around kids or pets.
Offers three distinct ways to clean:
o Steam & Spray Mode is perfect for tough messes like stuck-on dirt or heavy traffic areas.
o Steam Mode tackles everyday cleaning and sanitizing jobs.
o Spray Mode is ideal for quick, on-the-go messes and for use with Shark’s SaniFiber™ Disposable Pads – the first disposable pads offering the same cleaning performance as the reusable microfiber pads. Use this setting for convenient, cordless cleaning.
§ Shark uses washable micro-fiber pads to loosen, lift, and lock in dirt
§ Additional features include:
o Multi-purpose cleanser
o Disposable SaniFiber pads
o Washable microfiber pad

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