The company behind Shark vacuum cleaners is Euro-Pro. Euro-Pro once made and sold their own vacuum cleaners and other appliances but have since stopped producing vacuums under their own brand and now just sell them under Shark. If you are considering buying a shark cleaner, this article takes a look at what you can expect from the company and the product.

You may have seen some models of vacuum cleaners from Euro-Pro on infomercials, but this is just one avenue of marketing and advertising the company has taken. You can also find Shark vacuum cleaners in stores and at retailers where you find other vacuum cleaners. So if the infomercial was putting you off making a purchase as you thought it might be a lower quality product, this is not the case. The other stores and retailers sell them too alongside other respected brands, and you can also find Shark Vacuum cleaners online. With so many ways to make a purchase, this means consumers are more able to get competitive pricing and also look at consumer reviews for specific models they are interested in. Online purchasing also means that the spare parts are far easier to source now than they once were.


Most consumers who chose from Shark vacuum cleaners are satisfied with the purchase, for more information you can read article Shark Navigator vs. Rotator. There will always be some who perhaps did not recognize a need they had and so made a selection that did not suit them and so are unhappy. Or occasionally some defect that means that particular machine needs replacing. But in general Shark customers are satisfied with things like suction power, and the fact that they can choose between options like having a bagless cyclonic cleaner, or a pet hair remover, or a cleaner with HEPA filtration because of a household member with allergies.




Shark vacuum cleaners come in various styles with various features. You can get uprights, lightweight, handheld, canisters, household or industrial and so on. A big factor about whatever model you opt for is the price though. Shark cleaners tend to be very competitively priced, and if you compare an equivalent machine from another company Shark’s version is nearly always the cheaper option. This means if money is a big issue for you, you can still get a decent vacuum cleaner without breaking the bank. One of the best is the Shark Steam cleaner.


The Shark Infinity NV30 Vaccum Cleaner 


The top model of Shark vacuum cleaners is the Shark Infinity NV30. It is an upright cyclonic cleaner, which means it is bagless. Buying this type of vacuum cleaner can set you back a large sum of money if you opt for a brand name like Hoover or Dyson, but Shark offers a WindTunnel vacuum for far less if you are leaning towards this style. The Infinity comes with a filter that should last a lifetime and is washable so as well as no need to keep buying bags there will be no need to keep buying filters.



Other details about the Infinity include:


  • 12 amp motor.
  • 12-inch cleaning width, which while small compared to some models, is still adequate for most sized homes (Dyson has 14 inches, and Hoover has 15 inches).
  • Weighs in at a bit more than 19lbs, which is about the same as the Dyson Original and makes it sturdy but not too heavy for most people.
  • Has five heights it can be adjusted to depending on flooring and carpeting height. This is not automatic though unfortunately.
  • Has a guarded bumper for those times you bump into the furniture.
  • The handle has an ergonomic grip.
  • Power cord length of 25 feet (short compared to the Dyson but almost as much as a Hoover).
  • Bristles for edge cleaning.
  • A headlight which neither main competitors have.
  • As said most reviews are on the positive side but the negative comments that do occur focus on the following;


Canister vacuums do not perform as well as the upright vacuums.

Bagless shark vacuum cleaners have dust cups that are on the small side so need emptying more regularly than other manufacturers.

Some models have had issues with overheating and some with clogging.

There are a few reviews also that report being unhappy with the customer service they have received. 




At the end of the day, Shark vacuum cleaners offer a range of models that are priced very attractively. Because of that lower price, there are certain things you do not get like lots of different attachments or extra features for example, but they still perform well so if you can live without the flashy extras this makes a good buy. If however money is not a concern, and you want everything, and you want the best, then Shark vacuum cleaners are probably not the right choice for you.


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