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The Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver # Holiday Gift Guide



The shavetech USB rechargeable travel shaver is a slim, rectangular ShaveTech razor is smaller than many smartphones, and it comes in two colors: white and black. Our sample was the white model, which looks like something Apple might have designed. It's a sleek, compact device with a snap-on lid. The price is a reasonable US $29.95 plus shipping.

Remove the ShaveTech's lid, and you'll see the replaceable shaving head, which consists of a perforated stainless-steel hood with an inner blade.


The razor works by:  Charging the ShaveTech is simple: Just flip out the swiveling USB connector and plug it into a laptop, charger, or other device with a standard USB port.  A charge is good for about 30 minutes of shaving.

Ready to shave? Turn the razor on and apply it to your chin or cheeks. When you're finished, slip the shaver into the included pouch–or, if you have time, snap off the shaving head and clean it with a small brush (also provided).

I had my husband Adam use the razor  who provided his thoughts on the ShaveTech razor: He liked the compact size and flat shape for efficient storage on the road or at the office. The Battery lasts about a week with daily use. He got Relatively decent shave for a compact shaver with a single row of blades. The Power button is designed to avoid being turned on by accident.

It charges only from USB. This means no converter or adapter is needed for international travel, but you will require access to a computer or USB power adapter. The USB charger pivots out and connects to your laptop. This requires space next to the computer for resting the shaver.


Overall my husband liked the shaver. You can always buy a USB adapter for your car or wall if you do. It already have one. They are not that expensive. This is a great product for that special man in your life.  For more information click here.

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