Since we all just went to the doctors and got weighed we all have decided to get in shape and I was happy when Shazzy Fitness contacted me to do a review on the 2 dvds I said yes right away. We have a ball doing them and we laugh so hard,

Have you ever heard of Shazzy Fitness? Well if you’re looking for a way to get inspired to work out, look no further.

The Hebrew prophet, Daniel, is a model of the power of faith. Despite dire circumstances, Daniel never let fear override his commitment to God. Daniel's Babylonian name was “Belteshazzar.” (Daniel 1:7)

If Daniel were alive today, his hip-hop nickname just might be… “Shazzy”.
Shazzy Fitness is a contemporary dance fitness program that complements the busy lifestyle of today’s Christian. We offer fun and convenient dance workouts that are divinely inspired, yet unapologetically funkafied. Our program is specifically designed for real people who love the idea of dancing to hip-hop music that is both inspired and inspiring.

Our workouts include Christian music like you've never heard before. This ain't your grandma's Gospel music! We use only Christian hip-hop music combined with some of the hottest dance beats that make you wanna move!
And these videos are:

Hip hop
For exercising
Segmented enough that you can do a workout in just 10 minutes

“In the Beginning.” “A Time to Dance” was a lot of fun and definitely got my heart rate up and my spirits! As a former dancer, these hip-hop moves are fun and easy to follow for even if you claim to have two left feet.

There are two DVDs – beginner and intermediate – with 2- 10 minute workout options that can be shortened or lengthened to suit your needs and time. The first two songs have cues to follow for the moves, while the third of each workout is an “all out dance party”. There is a “favorite moves” option at the top of the menu to learn the steps individually. Each move could be replayed 10 times if needed, hypothetically speaking of course. I wouldn't have to practice a move 10 times to get it.

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  1. My daughters love to work out to videos and I think they would enjoy this one.
    Thank you!

  2. I would most defintiely use this for myself! I have been looking for a great workout, but have limited funds right now! This looks perfect and I have heard great things about this fitness workout! Thanks for sharing!

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