Tootsie fruitie Shea moisture. Each product in this collection contains a blend of certified organic Shea butter, mango butter, green coffee bean extract and antioxidant rich of complex of reasoner ray ketone, goji,Macau and guava.
The super fruit complex body lotion. Helps kiss cellulite goodbye thanks to this nourishing lotion that helps improve skins elasticity.
Th next product is the super fruit complex bubble bath and body wash. Just lather up or you can use in your warm bath. With the delicious scent of the bubble bath and body wash. You feel radiant after using these products. I like how soft it left my skin.
The super fruit complex bath and body massage oil. This was my favorite. I have very dry skin. This has help moisturize my skin. You pour a little into your bath to create a fragrant in spa, gently rub into your skin after a shower or bath,mor you can use as a therapeutic massage to smooth and soften.

The super fruit complex hand and body scrub. You can exfoliate and contour dry, rough skin with this delicious smelling hand and body scrub.
The super fruit complex bar soap. You can use daily to keep your skin soft and supple.
All of these products do not contain para end, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, synthetic fragrance or artificial colors.
After using these products together for a week I have seen a difference in my dry skin. I deal with dry skin all year round due to psoriasis. I love finding products that help soothe my skin. These products have helped put moisture in my skin. Especially with it being cold it dries my skin out even more. The super fruit complex products have helped me. For more information click here.

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