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When I was giving the chance to do a review  shielo hair products to review. I was hesitant as I have psoriasis on my scalp and it is hard to find hair products that do not irritate my scalp. I have used  the shampoo, conditioner and sealing mist.

The shampoo and conditioner smell very good. It's a very clean scent.they are both sulfate free. Which is one of the things you look for when you have psoriasis as it is gentler on your scalp.



The shampoo and conditioner you use like any other brand. The shampoo lather's

very well, and when rinsed out your hair feels like silk. Then, when you add the conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes (during this time I usually wash myself, and wash my face). When you rinse the conditioner, your hair feels more than amazing!


These products contain natural ingredients: lemon fruit extract, Shea butter, sunflower algae extract, hydrolized wheat protein, sugarcane and apple.
My hair is naturally wavy, and it's very hard to find a product that cleanses my scalp without over drying it out. When using shielo I had seen a difference in the moisture not only in my hair but also on my scalp.

Salon quality shampoo, conditioner, treatments for all hair types

I would definitely recommend this product. It moisturizer your hair making it look shiny and revived.i loved the fact that it cleansed my hair without drying out my scalp. I am super excited that I found a new shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to connect with the company you can here.

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