The sneakers industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years, thanks to some amendments in the policies of workforce decorum. Some experts believe that the industry will reach over $90 billion in the next 5-7 years. While this good and all these basic apparel has been seen to leave a negative environmental footprint with its growth. Some of the sneakers are difficult to make and their materials require a lot of processing to make it fit into its design and function. And when the shoes are disregarded most of its parts are not biodegradable and would remain in landfills for years to come.


Eco-Friendly Sneakers

Many of these sneakers are usually made from either plastic, leather, rubber, or a mixture of those. These materials require a lot of energy to produce making it one of the significant sources of greenhouse gasses. Although there are no definite parameters in determining a sneaker to be eco-friendly, those who aim for a sustainable model boasts in using recycled or renewable materials in making their products. The theme of these sustainable shoe brands is to make products for eco-conscientious consumers and at the same time make quality products. These sustainable sneakers are the voice of these people who supports companies that advocate the need to save the environment.


Here are innovative brands in eco-friendly sneaker industry:

 1. Wildling Shoes

Wilding shoe is a brand that advocates their shoes that they can take their consumers anywhere they want and there is a slice of freedom in a pair of shoes. Wilding has a sense of ecological responsibility where they build a connection between people and the environment as they continue to reduce the ecological footprint. The shoes are gender-neutral and can be worn by people of all ages. It encourages novice and experienced walkers alike to rediscover a pleasant, natural walking experience. 

   2. Allbrids

Allbirds goal is to produce shoes without a carbon footprint, the first step for this is to measure the footprint that they are producing with their shoes and even though it’s not zero yet, they believe that they can do it because it is all part of their plan. They believe that businesses like them should be held accountable for their environmental impact thus making their shoes eco-friendly to create a sustainable future. Their shoes are for all genders and making it comfortable to wear that conforms with your movement. 

  3. Biankina

In Biakina they are passionate about inspiring change through eco-friendly, ethical, and artisan-crafted fashion. Biankina’s shoes are made of eco-friendly canvas sneakers, that is animal cruelty-free, vegan materials are breathable, machine washable, and PETA-approved Vegan. They have 3 different variations of sneakers and 2 variations of slip-on that is exclusive for girls. Biankina also offers women apparel — teas, sweatshirts, and leggings. Biankina is born from their love for minimalist design, sustainable manufacturing, and artisan goods. From sourcing natural materials to planting two trees with every purchase, they pack purpose in everything we do.

 4. Baabuk

Baabuk’s distinct designs for all seasons and situations. That's their simple formula for creating the most comfortable wool footwear. If you’re wondering why wool, with Its crimp, the sheep's naturally wavy hair. This follicle configuration creates air pockets that trap air into the fiber — and that's what keeps you warm in the winter. In the summer, wool traps moisture to keep you comfortable, allowing it to evaporate and to cool your skin. The idea of using wool is super durable. If you’re buying the product you’ll know that it will last also. It is good for the planet since it will take years for you to replace the product. The durability of wool can be washed less than other fibers thereby saving water and energy. Baabuk offers different types of sneakers but that doesn’t stop there since they are also offering other products such as accessories. 

 5. Veja

French fashion brand Veja is known for its sustainable sneakers and supplies shoes to 1,800 retailers to 45 countries. Aiming to manufacture sneakers made of the most ecological materials and involving ethical suppliers that are made of organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, vegetable-tanned leather and recycled plastic bottles to make waterproof mesh for some of its sneakers models. 


Shoes are part of our basic possession and we don’t realize how much it affects the earth even though we use it daily. People who are conscious of the environment don’t have to trade quality and comfort when it comes to their footwear. There are already brands that sync with their advocacy in lessening their impact on the environment and deliver quality on par with those other big brands.

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