When I get my time of the month the cramps are so unreal at times . Nothing will help me as good as advil, and I always go to target to get my supplys there and for good reason,. Peace out cramps! Buy any 3 U by Kotex®/Advil items and get a FREE $5 Target GiftCard™ to get some snacks.

When my monthly comes all I want to do is snack on junk food. Its only at this time of the month. Stock your stash to keep things fly all month. What a better way then doing this at Target. Purchase of any three U by Kotex or Advil items to get a Free $5 Target GiftCard™. Available in-store and online.


For me having a stocking up is a must, I hate to ever run out and by shopping at target is the best way to do so.  Every time  my menstrual cycle  comes it definitely gets a tough around that time, and the cramps are worse and worse. Take two and im feeling better, if that doesnt work I will take another one. 


U by Kotex is the only thing I trust as far as doing the job right, small and compact to let you discreetly carry one in your purse or pocket for when you need it most, So they are so much easier to carry around with you, and no one can tell.  The fact that they go from compact to a full-size tampon in one easy move, just pull until it clicks for full-sized period protection. These are made with care. Stock your stash to keep things fly all month. Easy to insert after you “click” the plunger into place. 


So remember when  you're shopping for tampons and Advil anyhow, right?! Get your must-haves and save! Bonus: get a $5 Target GiftCard™ when you buy 3 participating products. 





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