Should a Sauna be Indoors or Outdoors?

When shopping for a home sauna, there are many considerations to think about. One of the most important is the sauna location. Saunas can be placed indoors or outdoors and, when finding the best one for you, you'll see that some saunas are specifically made for either indoor or outdoor use. Determining where yours will be is something to decide on before you begin shopping. To help you choose where to place your home sauna, read on for the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor saunas. 

Pros and Cons of an Indoor Home Sauna

Indoor saunas are built in two ways: either as a free-standing sauna or directly into the infrastructure of the home. The benefit of a free-standing sauna is that homeowners can take it with them when they move. Homeowners commonly place indoor saunas in basements, main bathrooms, or home gyms. Basements are often a great option because most homeowners have unused space in the basement and there's plenty of space to install a home sauna of practically any size.

Indoor saunas are traditionally easier to install due to the easy access to electricity and water as well as the elimination of building a foundation, which is necessary for an outdoor sauna. When they are indoors, a home sauna provides you with privacy and the option of enjoying a sauna session no matter what the weather is. The sauna is easily accessible so you can enjoy the private tranquility of a sauna session in the comfort of your home.

Another added benefit of an indoor sauna is the elimination of the elements. You don't have to worry about your sauna experiencing wear and tear from rain or snow. This helps increase the longevity of your sauna.

A downside of adding an indoor home sauna can be the ventilation. This is one of the major roadblocks homeowners experience. If the chosen location in the home doesn't have proper ventilation as-is, some construction may be necessary to create it. Space can be another barrier in installing an indoor sauna. If your home doesn't have a ton of extra space, you may need to opt for a smaller size sauna.

Pros and Cons for an Outdoor Home Sauna

If you have a spacious yard, an outdoor sauna is a great option to build a home sauna the size of your choosing. It's easy to achieve proper ventilation outdoors and you have the luxury of completely customizing your sauna. You can create any type of home style with whatever roofing and siding you'd like. This adds to a beautiful, cohesive outdoor oasis that enhances your relaxation.

With an outdoor sauna, you also have the benefit of enjoying whatever views behold you. Whether it's the stunning landscaping of your own yard or your sauna will be sitting in front of gorgeous mountains, lakes, or ocean views, you'll truly feel luxurious as you enjoy your sauna session. 

While you're able to use your sauna during any type of weather, the downside is getting to the sauna in the rain or snow so you'll need to brave the weather in some cases. Weather is another concern for the longevity and upkeep of your sauna. The weather elements can cause some wear and tear to the exterior of your sauna and you'll need to clean the exterior periodically as well.

Electricity and water are two more considerations you have to tackle with an outdoor sauna. Unlike with an indoor sauna, you can't easily hook up an outdoor sauna to your electricity and water lines. You will also need to build a foundation for your outdoor sauna. The costs associated with these are important to factor in and will end up being a more expensive project compared to an indoor sauna.

While both traditional and infrared saunas can be suitable for outdoor installation, it is less common to find outdoor infrared saunas. If that's the type of sauna you're looking for and you want to install it outdoors, ensure you find a product that is acceptable for an outdoor location. 


Whether you choose to install your sauna in a cozy indoor location or in a stunning outdoor oasis, you'll enjoy the amazing benefits of a home sauna. Choosing the location is imperative to help you budget for the cost of a sauna, so make sure you do your research to determine not only which location is preferable for your needs, but which option fits within your budget. Either way, you'll be ready to relax in your brand new home sauna.

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