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If you work from home, you may have thought about jazzing up your home office space with some comfort items. Whether you’re looking for a lumbar back support cushion or a seat cushion, Everlasting Comfort has got your back. They have tons of different options to help you be the most comfortable in your office, whether you’re working from home or working in an office. 

What is the Point of Using a Back Cushion? 

If your chair doesn’t offer good lumbar back support, you may experience lower back pain or problems with your posture that affect your everyday life. Back pain can follow you everywhere. If you aren’t sitting in the best posture every day, your back will be damaged. When this happens, you may experience pain walking around, lying down, playing sports, and generally living your life. To prevent back pain from interfering with your daily life, you should ensure that you’re always sitting with good posture. 

Good posture means sitting with your butt flat on the chair, your feet flat on the ground, and your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Your hips should be in line with your knees and your wrists should be in line with your elbows at all times. If this isn’t possible, you may need to use a seat cushion. 

Using a lumbar back support cushion will help to align your spine, preventing pain and damage to occur. A good lumbar support cushion can change your entire sitting position, preventing you from having bad, slouchy posture. 

How Can a Back Cushion Help with Chronic Pain? 

Many people experience chronic back pain. Chronic back pain can occur for various different reasons, not just bad posture. It’s possible that those who sit with great posture will still experience pain that just doesn’t go away. Chronic back pain can occur as a result of: 

  • Muscle deconditioning 
  • Improper body mechanics
  • Genetics or aging 
  • Traumatic events
  • Overuse or repetition 

Common types of chronic illness or injury that cause back pain include: 

  • Arthritis 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis 
  • Bulging or ruptured discs
  • Muscle or ligament strains 

If you experience chronic illness, you’re likely familiar with the pain that doesn’t go away no matter what you try. There aren’t any cures, only things you can try to manage the pain at home. Commonly, people with chronic illness or pain reach for seat cushions to reduce the pain they experience when sitting down. If you have chronic pain in your lower back, using a lumbar seat cushion can help to reduce the pain you feel while working. 

Using a Back Cushion in the Office and Elsewhere

While of course, you can use your lumbar back support cushion in the office (whether you’re working from home or not) there are also other places you can bring your highly supportive cushion. Many people opt to use their lumbar support cushions in their vehicles, especially on long drives. Most vehicles don’t have very supportive seats, so adding a cushion can really make your road trip more tolerable. There’s no shame in bringing your cushion wherever you need it, so feel free to take it on the road when you think it’s necessary. 

Other Comfort Items that You Need in Your Home Office

If you still find that something is bothering you, whether it’s your tailbone or pressure in your legs, there are other comfort items that you can try out for your home office (or your regular office). Other comfort items that Everlasting Comfort sells include:

  • Seat Cushions: Their memory foam, gel-infused seat cushions are great for relieving pressure on your butt, tailbone, and hips. 
  • Footrests: If you find that your knees aren’t in line with your hips when you’re sitting down, you may benefit from the use of a footrest. Footrests can also help with varicose veins and increasing blood circulation. 
  • Armrests: Using the armrests on your chair is optional, but some people choose to use them. If you find that your armrests are uncomfortable, using Everlasting Comfort’s armrest can make you much more comfortable. 

Why Everlasting Comfort’s Back Cushion is the Right Choice

If you’re looking to get a back cushion from Everlasting Comfort, you’re making a huge step in the right direction. Their back cushions are a great option for anyone with poor posture or existing back pain. Not only will they help to relieve the pain you’re already feeling, but they can also help to prevent future pain and damage from occurring. Their cushions are made with high-quality memory foam and gel, so you won’t be disappointed. 

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