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Sicily: The Ultimate Destination to stay in a Villa and enjoy the Beautiful Local Landscapes

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Sicily is the largest island in Italy. It is a historic place with numerous sites to visit. The island is charming with extensive beaches that you can enjoy. Still, the landscape is beautiful, and you can view the land from a luxurious villa in the town. Sicily is an excellent place to visit if you plan for a holiday destination. Let us get into the various locations to see and the activities to do. 

The Places to Visit

The first thing to do when planning a trip to Sicily is to book a place to stay at selectsicily.com. Then, consider the following destinations during your stay:

  • Taormina: It is a small town at the top of a hill overlooking the sea from which derives the name the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It is close to Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. Many tourists visit Taormina to experience its rich history and beautiful scenery. It has a rich history and culture dating back to the ancient Greeks. Here are some places that you should visit if you are in Taormina: The Greek Theater, The Cathedral of San Nicola, Piazza IX Aprile. You can traverse the town using trails and learn about its history. Still, seafood delicacies, shop artefacts, and other designer items will ensure you remember the experience.
  • Cefalù: situated to the North of Sicily, Cefalù is one of Sicily's most important tourist destinations. It is known for its historic center with its medieval buildings and narrow streets, as well as for its beaches and natural environment. The town has numerous restaurants and hosts the ancient Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Sicily with the interiors restored to its original Romanesque style and Byzantine mosaics and frescoes from the 13th century. Cefalu is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the island. You can sunbathe and swim in the waters since the days are sunny. Also, you can view the mountains from the water.
  • Syracuse: the coastal city is on the east of Sicily and has a rich history to learn about. You will find museums and the famous ancient Archaeological Park to visit. Other places to visit in Syracuse include Fountain of Diana, Piazza del Duomo, Syracuse harbour, the temple of Apollo, and Ortigia Island. 
  • Scopello: is one of the oldest coastal villages in Sicily. You can enjoy the sightseeing escapades and tours around the city. Still, there are numerous outdoor activities in the waterways for you and your loved ones. Places to visit include Baglio di scopello, Tonnara di Scopello, Torre Benistra and Spiaggia Guidaloca.

The Benefits of Staying in a Villa while in Sicily

Your stay in Sicily will be much better if you stay in a villa. You can choose from different housing types depending on your lifestyle and the number of rooms you want. Below are some benefits of staying in a villa while in Sicily:

  • Privacy: a villa is an exclusive property not shared with other guests as in a hotel; moreover, it is much easier to practice social distancing from strangers.
  • Panoramic views: villas in Sicily give you an exquisite view of the town’s beauty. You can sit on the balcony in the mornings and evenings to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The beaches and mountains in the locality will be visible from your residence.
  • Recreational facilities: you can swim with your loved ones in a luxurious pool in your villa. Still, you can have a barbecue in the outdoors while bonding with your loved ones. 
  • Other amenities: there are other facilities that a villa can offer to its guests, like a private kitchen or the free WIFI that ensures you can connect with the rest of the world while on vacation.


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