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Simple MD – The Original Mediterranean Protein Bar



If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that, although you need extra protein, protein shakes, powders, and many protein bars aren’t as appealing as you would like. Until now. Simple MD – The Original Mediterranean Protein Bars are so delicious! They are moist and enjoyable to eat. If something healthy doesn’t taste good, chances are you aren’t going to eat it again, right? Well, I’ve enjoyed these protein bars more than most holiday cookies.


We are living in an exciting time where we know more than ever about how to take care of our bodies and our brains. Eating right, getting proper exercise, and resting for a proper amount of time are critical components to living a long, healthy life.

“Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, the only eating regimen scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of heart disease and certain cancers, while improving longevity. Our protein bars are the only ones made with the two key elements of the Mediterranean Diet, extra virgin olive oil and red wine.”


Packaged in individual foil packets, these 35g bars are the perfect size to carry in a purse, fanny pack, lunch bag, or coat pocket. You can enjoy a bar on your snack break at work, on the jogging trail, at the beach, or in your car during your daily commute to and from work. With amazing flavors like Caffe’ Latte, Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate Date, these bars satisfy your craving for sweets while cutting that craving off at the pass with protein.


Each bar is uniquely crafted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Red Wine. High Protein, Low Carbs, Gluten-Free, No Preservatives or GMOs, & Kosher! I’ve been handing these little gems out to my family members who are looking for something to snack on. I know how good they are for the people I love, so I’m happy to make sure they have plenty. You can make sure your loved ones have these healthy bars on hand by giving them for Christmas gifts or using some as stocking stuffers. I truly believe they will be buying them for themselves after trying just one. And don’t forget to pick up plenty for yourself. You won’t want to run out.

You can connect with Simple MD on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Here’s to your health!


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