Simple Ways To Help a Fellow Human Being Today

Simple Ways To Help a Fellow Human Being Today

Harper Lee, in her acclaimed classic To Kill a Mockingbird, wrote, “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” The truth remains that despite our many differences during the challenging and uncertain times of modern society, people are just people, and we are all the same in our human nature.

Being human means we are creatures who naturally struggle, but our humanity also means that we are not alone in our daily lives and earthly endeavors. Even when our conversations tend to exist within the digital world of today, there are always ways to help out other folks. If you are able to take a few steps or reach out to someone else, you can change their world for the better. Here are a few simple ways to help a fellow human being today.

Lend an Ear: Be an Active Listener

In a noisy world that’s full of chitchat and constant clamor, it’s hard to be heard. Voices get silenced by crowds or lost in the pandemonium of it all. Perhaps, you can lend your ear to someone who needs to be heard right now—a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a stranger.

Sometimes we just need someone to listen; someone who will listen attentively and take the time to hear us out. The integrity of a person can be found in their ability to listen actively and respond reflectively and put themselves in the other person’s shoes to understand their perspective.

Express Gratitude: Say Thank You

Your efforts to express true gratitude will never fail you—or another. Out of all the simple ways to help a fellow human being today, a kind utterance of “thank you” is at the very top of the list. Each person that you meet in life or plays a part in your day directly influences your own being.

Making the effort to say, “thank you so much,” “thanks a bunch,” or “much appreciated” for another person’s actions expresses mindfulness. This mindfulness shows not only that you notice them, but that their actions matter in this world. Public and private exclaims of appreciation can truly boost confidence and self-perception.

Share: Become a Mentor or Teacher

The most incredible aspect of human beings is that we never stop learning. Hence, you can help people by broadening their capabilities as human beings. Consider this: do you have a special talent or skillset? A particular passion that you’re knowledgeable about? Could you mentor someone in a situation that you’ve previously been in? Become a teacher or mentor to other folks who can learn and benefit from who you are as a person.

Be There: Support One’s Pursuits and Passions

Sometimes the best thing you can do for another is to simply be there. Be there to support them if they are in need. Pay close attention to those around you to who you can proactively offer kindness. How can you support them, especially during this life-changing time throughout the world? Consider unique ways to support small businesses or support another person’s pursuits. One action may not seem like much now, but these little steps of solidarity pile up to become a firm path to a humanized future.

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