Simple Ways to Save Money

Are you looking for simple ways to save money? It can be done. You have to have the discipline. Set a goal. What are your reasons for saving money?

Here are my tips to saving money. You can implement them immediately!

1. Skip the daily coffee

Skip the daily trips to your favorite coffee shop. Brew your coffee at home. We have a Keurig and it is quick and easy to brew one cup at a time. We love it. Instead of buying K-Cups, we have a reusable cup. That means we can use our own coffee!

2. Eat at home

We eat at home at least 28-30 times a month. We rarely go out to eat. My husband and I have opposite schedules plus he is working a ton of overtime.

3. Bag your lunch

If you work outside the home, bring your own lunch. That will save you at least $10+ per day!

4. Carpool/Walk/Public Transportation

I remember carpooling used to be popular in the 80s and 90s. If you are unable to find a carpool, consider public transportation.

If you live near work, consider walking! You get the exercise and the fresh air for free.

5. Cut cable

We cut cable about 5 years ago and switched to Netflix. It was so great! We could binge watch our favorite shows and watch movies on our own time. You can also choose to go with Amazon Prime.

If you are not ready to cut ties with cable, call your provider about ways to lower your bill. You can read about my experience about the call to my cable provider. You may be surprised at what kind of specials they can find you.

6. Sales/Specials/Coupons

Take advantage of sales and specials at your favorite retailers. For me, I watch the Costco ad for sales. I also have the Costco app. I buy my favorite items when they go on sale to stock up.

I used to use coupons at Walgreens. I used to match them with the store sales. I want to get back into that. It was fun finding great deals. I also got extra exercise in because I would take my son on a walk there and back.

7. Credit cards

You can call your credit card companies and ask if they can try lowering your interest rate. It cannot hurt to ask.

Try consolidating your credit card balances to the one card with the lowest interest rate. My in-laws went to their credit union (we also bank there) and were able to transfer one of their credit card balances to their bank credit card balance.

Make a plan to tackle your credit card debt. Pay off the cards with the highest interest rates first.

My husband and I both have our own credit cards. Now that he has his own bank accounts, he is more cautious and aware of his spending. He is responsible for paying his credit card balances.

I asked my friends for their ideas on how they save money as I am always open to trying new things that benefit my wallet. Do you have any tips to add?

Tips from Shanna of Peyton’s Penny Pinching Momma:

Using loyalty cards. Like at Target I like to use the Target Debit Card for 5% off. I also use their pharmacy so every 5th script I get an additional 5% off. And I stack Target coupons with the mfg coupons. I can get a pretty good deal at Target if I work at it. I never paid over $3.50 for a jumbo pack of huggies diapers that are normally $9.99.

And I like to add Target Cartwheel to it too! Like this week Skylander something is 75% off with Target Cartwheel. You can stack Target Debit Card, Cartwheel, Target coupon, Mfg coupon and mobile coupons on the same item.

Tips from Stacy: Re-use zip lock bags! Order water when going out to eat.

Tips from Wendy: I use coupons and price match to sales for food, personal care and household items. I fell off the wagon this summer and didn't coupon as much as I should have been, but am getting back into it now. And, NO, I am not an extreme couponer!!! LOL

Tips from Rachel of Stressed Rach:
Loyalty cards, coupons, make meals in bulk and freeze. Cashback schemes.

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